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Elaine Cougler

Author, Speaker, Book Lover

Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Elaine Cougler likes to create characters who rise up and fight when faced with impossible situations. Her historical fiction and her biographical books praise the indomitable spirit of amazing human beings both in our time and through the annals of history.


Canada: Brave New World

Canada: Brave New World is an anthology full of immigrant stories of people coming to Canada to escape conditions in their birth country and what their unbelievable contributions have meant to Canada. This is a collection of personal stories from many different families; it shows once again the amazing ability people have to rise above their circumstances in order to not only survive but to thrive. The anthology is a celebration of what we humans can and will do when faced with extreme adversity.

Watch Elaine’s interview with Mike Jaycock where she talks about all her books. Since then she has completed the audio version of this book.



Maggie is an engrossing true story set in the early 1900s, against the historical backdrop of WWI-era Canada. It features warm-hearted glimpses of life in a large ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ family, as well as shocking revelations that Maggie’s husband wasn’t the man she thought he was. Author Elaine Cougler unearthed this tale twenty-five years after her mother, Alice Garner’s, death, and she masterfully preserves her mother’s voice, offering readers a relatable and enjoyable glimpse into the past.

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Explore Elaine Cougler’s collection of historical fiction and biographical books.

Book Series

The Loyalist Trilogy

The Loyalist Trilogy delves into American and Canadian history with two generations of the Garner family during the times of the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Rebellion of 1837. John goes off to fight for the King and leaves Lucy behind to try to hold on to their land in the midst of war-torn New York State. Later their sons have to choose sides to survive in the wilderness that was Upper Canada.

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The Man Behind the Marathons

The story of how one man truly can make a difference, The Man Behind the Marathons is an Amazon #1 bestseller and also won the Book Excellence Finalist award.

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My Story, My Song

That’s me in the braids. I had them until I was eleven. That girl has a lot of stories to tell of growing up with nine brothers and three sisters on a dairy farm at a time when the world was expanding as it recovered from World War II.

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The Loyalist’s Daughter (Prequel to The Loyalist Trilogy)

Young Lucinda Harper and her father are taking a late-night walk on Boston’s Long Wharf when disguised men run past their hiding place, jump into small boats, and rush out to the Dartmouth anchored in the harbour.

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