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I Can Hear My Mom Singin’

For this month’s blog post I’ve had to summon up all my courage. All my life I’ve been a performer of one kind or another. I was a teacher for many years, I became a writer after leaving teaching and I’ve had a great time speaking about my books and the history they allude to in the years since.

But a few days ago I had to reach deep down inside myself to answer the request of a dear friend to perform one of my own songs at her and her husband’s 50th anniversary celebration. Since I lost one of my sisters a few years ago I just haven’t done much singing so the old voice is not what it once was. Nevertheless I thought I would share with you the performance.

I was inspired to write this song because of my mother. You’ll hear that in the words I’ve written.

All of us have the choice at times during our lives to step up or to hide our light under the proverbial bushel. Most times I think people should step up. These feelings of fear we all have. And we have to learn to overcome them, don’t we?

I remember encouraging my kindergarten age daughter to learn the poem she was supposed to perform for her class. She was very shy but she did it and it helped her sing the next year in the music festival. That success showed her that she could perform and now she earns her living running her own business training in person or electronically and so much more. She’s even written her own book, Design to Engage.

A few weeks ago Beth invited the four of us in our nuclear family to take part in her podcast episode, Being Lifelong Learners, and she facilitated her brother, her father, her mother and herself discussing that topic. It was a delight to take part and–here comes the mother in me–to feel so proud of who our children have become.

So the least I could do was get up and sing one of my own songs when my friend, Olive, asked me.

My hope is that each of you who reads this post will take the step to try whatever you’re a little nervous about. Many will not have the courage but, believe me, there are rewards for pushing yourself in this way. Maybe this will be your New Year’s resolution. And maybe you will be inspired to encourage someone else to reach for their particular star.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

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