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An Inspiring Canadian Story

Inspiring Immigrant Stories Fill New Anthology ‘Canada: Brave New World’ by Best-Selling Author Elaine Cougler

‘Canada: Brave New World’ is a celebration of the resilience and strength of the human spirit, showcasing how individuals can overcome adversity and thrive in a new environment—a timely, uplifting message to lift readers’ spirits. The anthology, the seventh book by best-selling author Elaine Cougler, features the true stories of immigrants and their families who have made Canada their home.

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Why This Story Matters

‘Canada: Brave New World’ would be an excellent read for anyone interested in Canadian history, immigration stories, or the power of human resilience.

Anyone who enjoys personal memoirs, anthologies, and non-fiction literature will enjoy this book. Individuals interested in learning more about the diverse cultures and contributions of immigrants to Canada would find this book particularly engaging.

The book includes unforgettable stories of beleaguered people forced to flee their homes and how they chose to settle in Canada.

Out of difficult situations, these new Canadians created and are creating a home in which they can be successful, happy and fulfilled; Canada is much richer and better off because those people came here. New Canadians from Ireland, Zimbabwe, Latvia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain (along with other countries) are featured in the book.

“History is very important for understanding our past, but personal history brings past experiences to life. These first-hand accounts of journeys [inside Canada: Brave New World], lessons learned, and the resilience of the New Canadians are riveting.”

Janet Snider, Author of Different Strokes: Answers to the Perplexing Differences Between Americans and Canadians

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Elaine Discusses Canada: Brave New World

Watch as Elaine sites down with Mike Jaycock to discuss her latest release, Canada: Brave New World.

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Meet the Author: Elaine Cougler

Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader

Elaine Cougler is an award-winning and best-selling author known for her captivating historical fiction novels.

As a proud Canadian writer, she has a passion for bringing to light the untold stories that have shaped the nation’s history. Her previous works include the Amazon best-selling The Man Behind the Marathons (How Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Other Heroes Make Millions for Charity), the popular Loyalist Trilogy, and the beautiful My Story, My Song. With a flair for immersive storytelling, Cougler transports readers back in time and offers fresh perspectives on familiar events.

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They excitedly await your feature about Canada: Brave New World!

Elaine, with her unique perspective and ability to entice audiences, and her book, Canada: Brave New World, is a great fit for your general interest piece about new Canadians.

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