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The Loyalist’s Daughter Book Launch Foiled!

cover The Loyalist's DaughterSo there I was, all prettied up and wearing my best smile, and starting my book launch on the Facebook platform. I welcomed everyone. I told them how the 45 minutes would go. I was excited.

Whoa! Little messages started popping up in the other Facebook window I had open. Fast and furious. Why was everyone bothering me?

I took a look.

People couldn’t get in with the link Facebook had given me to send to them. Grrr. I started searching for the problem. No luck. Texted my techie daughter. She had no ideas. Wonderful screen shots came in to me with the message people were getting. Double grrr for the mess I was in.

I had to shut it all down and answer the messages to let people know there was a problem. I felt so frustrated because I am the person who always tests out the equipment before the event. I make sure everything is working.

This morning I worked out a different way to reach my people. I did my short presentation on my Flip Camera. Checked it and saw that the whole file (14 min) had my head cut off. I did another version. Uploaded it to my computer. Found out that the Flip camera I have is old tech now and my desktop Mac won’t support the 32-bit old technology. I decided to do the video a third time.

I used my lovely late model iPhone. Surely it would work. Uploaded the file to my computer and started the upload to YouTube. Of course they have changed the platform so I had to figure out how to upload again. Grrr. As I write now, it has been ‘uploading’ for about 20 minutes and has about 3% done. At this rate, I’ll have it for Christmas. Maybe.

Here’s the Whole Cover


You can order your print copy from Amazon at a reduced price up to and including Tuesday, Dec. 8. You can also pre-order an ebook copy there and it will be sent out Dec. 15. OR You can order your print copy from me for porch pickup on Dec. 15 from 1-4 pm EST. Use the contact form to reach me for my address if you don’t know it.

If you buy it from me the price is $18 Canadian. And I will autograph it for you. Your choice.

I hope I’ve made all of this clear and that you get your copies. It does make a great Christmas gift. Thank you to all of my wonderful supporters through all of this.

Here is my existing trilogy with its matching covers.

Click image to buy on Amazon
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