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5 Great Shows for Thinkers on Netflix

One of the best things about Netflix is the way it remembers what I like and gives me more of the same. Over the past year or so my husband and I have watched more television than usual and Netflix has had a good chance to see exactly the types of shows to which we gravitate. Here are some of the series we’ve enjoyed.

Our most recent find was Challenger: The Final Flight, the story of NASA’s disastrous first attempt to include civilians in the space program. Teacher Christa McAuliffe attracted a lot of media attention. The world followed her progress and NASA experienced a renewed media interest in the space program. Perhaps that accounts for the decision to go in spite of technical problems. The four episodes kept us glued to the TV and we learned a lot of new information. Excellent.

A few weeks ago we found Greatest Events of World War II in Colour. This series of ten episodes surprised us with original footage, excellently coloured so that it seemed to have been taken last week, and many, many facts about which we were ignorant. There is another similar title on Netflix which we have not watched yet so be careful to get the correct title.

The Royal House of Windsor gave a balanced and insightful picture of the Windsors and–of particular interest at the time of HRH Prince Philip’s death–of his contributions to the British monarchy. The six shows of season one begin the series. The first one shows the horrific reason for changing the royal family’s last name from Saxe-Coborg Gotha to Windsor and the series goes through to Prince Charles’ preparations to become King. Interesting and fact-filled.

Of course my particular interest as a reader and writer is historical fiction. This gives me a chance to experience the facts of history but also the fictional accounts of individual people who may have lived. Diana Gabaldon’s books about Scotland and Jamie Fraser in the 1700’s are legendary, so much so that they have been turned into an excellent series. Outlander is also on Netflix and I quite enjoyed seeing the series brought to the screen. My preference is always to read the books first, though. Isn’t yours?

A few years ago my wonderful brother-in-law got me started on Bernard Cornwell’s Uhtred of Bebbanburg series about the Vikings attacking the Saxons in the north of England and the boy who was taken back to grow up with Saxon heritage but Viking ways. It really taught me a lot about English history and I still look to see what Cornwell’s latest book is. The Last Kingdom is fabulous. Oh, I must check and see if there are any more shows on Netflix!

Every one of these shows will keep you thinking, whether you prefer fiction or real events. Please share your own favourites in the comments, whether they be books, movies or TV series.





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