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Call for Submissions: An Anthology!

I have often called myself a flag-waving Canadian; hence, my delight at offering this opportunity to the writers among you whose family stories fit into this niche. I am seeking contributions for an anthology to be published in 2023 in time for the July 1 Canada Day celebrations.

The book length publication will feature unique and true stories of people who escaped their homeland and settled in Canada as a result of the Second World War or because of other warring troubles in their home countries. The publication will show that our country is made up of amazingly strong people who escaped something bad and created something good.

The submissions may be written by the participant or by relatives or friends of the participants. This is a chance to shine the light on true family stories which may not ever have been told in a formal way.

Submissions should be fully edited short stories, book chapters, short novellas or narrative poems written by the person submitting about people who ended up in Canada.

Submission Process:

  1. You may query the editor and publisher, Elaine Cougler (Peache House Press), with your idea before submitting your entry, or simply submit the entry.
  2. Entries must be submitted in print form and Word or .pdf form on or before November 1, 2022, to: Elaine Cougler (Peache House Press)

21-500 Lakeview Drive,

Woodstock ON N4T1W4.

  1. Entries may include a short bio, contact link and/or one social media link. Please use a short link created by a company such as Bitly.com.
  2. The editor will contact you with any editing issues or other questions. These must be resolved by January 31, 2023.
  3. You will receive an email indicating acceptance of your final submission for the anthology.
  4. The proposed publication date is May 31, 2023, in time for the Canada Day celebrations.


For more information contact Elaine Cougler at elaine@elainecougler.com.



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