Cover Reveal! What’s in a Cover?

My New Book–Coming Soon!

For a writer there are many exciting days but none is quite so appealing as the day she gets to see her final cover. Late yesterday, I got to see mine. Weeks of work by my cover designer, Sharon Clare at Clarity Book Cover Designs, culminated in me opening her e-mail to take a look at the latest rendition.

I was thrilled!

Sharon caught the essence of the story in the old schoolhouse and the ten-year-old girl wearing a Mom-sewed dress. Piano keys and floating notes suggest that music was and is such a foundation in my life. The straight pen takes us back to first learning to write with pen and ink at a time when ballpoint pens were shunned and every wooden desk had a round slot for a glass inkwell, perfect for dipping the pen.

And that’s me in the braids. I had them until I was eleven. That girl has a lot of stories to tell of growing up with nine brothers and three sisters on a dairy farm at a time when the world was expanding as it recovered from World War II. The fifties and sixties seemed to bridge the time of children ‘being seen and not heard’ and the awakening of our world, bigger and better than ever before.

This is my story, this is my song.


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