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History is Not Always Clear: Case in Point, St. Valentine

So this morning I’m feeling all red and pink, gushy and mushy, and full of good thoughts. I’m wearing my Valentine’s ring from last year, I’m going out for lunch AND dinner AND a theatre production tonight.


Also I can see the end of a large part of my non-writing workload (I’m the president of an 800-member organization) and more time for writing my current book. It’s a great day.

I decided to look up St. Valentine on the web and incorporate him into this post. Not such a good idea. Hardly any facts are known about someone who today is a cultural icon. The Catholic church took him off their saints list on the General Roman Calendar but you can still celebrate him in certain cases. I guess the card companies and the retail sector didn’t get the message that he’s not that important.

St. Valentine was martyred, apparently, but that is not even clear. Frankly I’m not so interested that I’m going to spend half a day finding out his very unclear story. Instead, I urge you to join me and use this time to make your day and someone else’s day special.

I have half an hour now to get some work done on my next book. Love that. And love the ring my 9-year-old granddaughter and her mother gave me last year. She told me the three hearts were for her, my daughter, and me. Gotta love it!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Next week, I’ll be back to writing a real blog post. See you then!





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