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My New Book Has a Cover!


Thanks to my creative and supremely clever cover designer, Sharon Clare, for this luscious cover. I love that Sharon worked so hard to give us the suggestion of the young Lucy, just coming into full bloom in Boston Tea Party Boston.

Currently The Loyalist’s Daughter is in the editing stage with many pairs of clever eyes looking her over. All of those people are working hard to help me make this book the best it can be, another in the series featuring  Loyalists caught in Boston leading up to the American Revolutionary War. It’s an exciting but dangerous time for Lucinda’s parents to be planning her marriage.

Young Lucinda Garner and her father are taking a late-night walk on Boston’s Long Wharf when disguised men run past their hiding place, jump into small boats and rush out to the Dartmouth anchored in the harbour. They scramble up its sides and begin throwing chests of tea into the water.  from Elaine’s Goodreads description. (click)


Here is my existing trilogy with its matching covers.

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I chose to have this current book really focus on Lucinda, so the cover had to do the same thing also. We even gave her the gorgeous blue eyes that I mentioned so often in the trilogy, both for her and for her father.

Release Date:  December 15, 2020

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