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Sharon Clare’s In For a Spell Newly Launched!

In For a Spell (The Magical Matchmaker Series Book 4) by [Clare, Sharon]NOTE: I had intended to post this review on the launch day for In For a Spell but my WordPress decided that I should not be allowed to actually have any of my posts showing on my website. Fixing this has been a nightmare. It seems many people are flummoxed by similar problems and several professionals could not solve the problem. Finally my daughter put me on to a clever lady in Victoria and, once we sorted out passwords and logins, Niki got me back up and running. It’s been about two months! Thanks so much to Niki.

And now the actual post–

Here’s a little taste of some romance, just for a change of pace. Sharon Clare is a lovely writer whom I’ve known since a course we both took a few years ago. She’s a clever and imaginative marketer and, this year, I’ve hired her to do the cover for my latest book, The Man Behind the Marathons. Her work is some of the best I’ve seen.

Sharon Clare’s In For A Spell launched in June follows along beautifully the path set by her previous novels. The mischievous elf, Finn, appears here again and is up to his usual tricks but this time with a twist. He seems to be delving further into just what humans are like.

In true romance style Clare depicts a sexy hero and an interesting heroine but adds Finn’s magic to leave the reader wondering just what will happen with the two major characters. This book is a light romp which manages to teach us a little about time travel and a world from a few hundred years ago. Enjoyable, for sure!

For a look at the other books in the talented Sharon Clare’s extensive library take a trip to her website.

Thanks again, Sharon, for this wonderful cover!


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