20+ Ways to Make Your Book Table a Book SALES Table

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Here’s a book display I did early on in my new-author-selling-books career. It’s not bad but below is a list of things I’ve learned along the way and I hope some of them are useful to other authors.




20+ Ways to Make Your Book Table a Book SALES Table

  1. Plan ahead. The morning of the event is too late.

  2. The number of copies of books you have should correspond to the size of the event. Extra books can be stored under the table or in your car, just in case.

  3. Make up a price sign and get a plastic display case to hold it upright on your table. This saves people the embarassment of having to ask.

  4. Get your photo taken for marketing and display it on your cards or other handouts.

  5. Do not put candies on your table. Too messy. Give out bookmarks and/or other items instead. (business cards)

  6. Take a tablecloth that matches your covers well in case the venue has nothing on the tables.

  7. Have a signup form for your list, either soliciting through a free draw or inviting those who buy your books. (MailChimp)

  8. Maybe put a pick up sheet of Raving Readers’ Comments on your table.

  9. Dress the part. Maybe a costume if you want and it’s applicable but definitely nicely.

  10. Bring your smile. A friendly face will go a long way to getting people to stop at your table.

  11. When they do, have a good opening question ready. I use several such as “Are you a reader?” “Do you like historical fiction?” “Enjoying the event?” Anything that shows you’re human and approachable. And don’t look desperate!

  12. If people are reading the back of your book, let them. Especially if they seem not to want to talk.

  13. Get there early to set up.

  14. Remember not everyone is a reader or a reader of your genre. It’s okay.

  15. Make people feel welcome whether they buy or not.

  16. If they are rushing by, let them.

  17. Know about the other vendors and their books so you can help them sell, especially if you’re talking to someone who loves science fiction and you sell children’s books. Direct them to your fellow author’s table.

  18. Autograph books ahead of time, then add a personal note if they ask. Saves loads of time.

  19. Your autograph is a selling feature. Emphasize that you have personally autographed books for sale.

  20. Take your banners with you and use them if there is room. You can’t put them up if they’re at home.

  21. There are many ways to have success at your table. Getting readers to sign up for your list, having readers notice you and your books, getting a query about speaking gigs, and, of course, making a book sale right then and there.

  22. Take your Square gizmo so that you can accept credit cards. Lots of people don’t carry cash so be ready for them. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to turn away a sale becaue you’re not signed up for Square.

  23. Good Luck! Of course you’ll make most of your own luck.

More exciting new things coming next week. In the meantime you’re welcome on my Goodreads author page. Come and visit!