Little Free Libraries Near Me!

Have you ever noticed the cute little houses atop poles and near the sidewalk on a few properties in your city? A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to have my daughter and her family visiting from BC. Somehow we got talking about little free libraries and ended by looking up a few nearby.

I was so enthralled by the idea of leaving books for others and borrowing one someone else had left that I went to my trunk immediately. These days I always have a few copies of my latest book with me in case an occasion presents itself. I pulled out a book, Beth took my picture beside the little free library and voila! We notified the homeowner and she was enthralled. She said she pulled out my book to start reading immediately. Maybe one of these days I’ll meet her!

The Little Free Libraries we visited in my city (Woodstock) are at :

  • 48 Blue Jay Boulevard
  • 242 Munnoch Boulevard
  • 38 Sioux Crescent
  • 683 College Avenue

The Little Free Library service is supported online by a few websites. Composite Two Story BlueHere is a library box you can buy from littlefreelibrary that I love because it’s blue, my favourite colour. Click on the link to see the many choices available from this site.  I also noticed that libraries can be dedicated to certain types of books. One of the ones my daughter, granddaughter and I visited was dedicated to the younger generation. That was great fun but some library box designs would probably not hold the larger books for very young children. You have to plan, don’t you?

Check out this link as well for 5 steps to starting your own little free library. the link offers lots of help in short order. This is one of those great ideas that you can start with very little effort.

Of course you can also build your own library box. You must make sure it is sturdy and weatherproof and there are plans available online. You can be up and running with your own library in no time.

Take a moment to watch this video about how sees its vision to change the world. Click on the link here and then click on the link to see their website video. It will give you a warm spot in your heart.


  • check your own neighborhood for free libraries
  • sort your own books and find some to donate to free libraries
  • if you are an author leave your  books with a bookmark or business card in them
  • start your own free library if at all possible
  • ENJOY!
Part of my library before my husband and I downsized to a condo. I miss that room lined with shelves of books!
My latest book!

My Loyalist historical fiction!