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Ten Years and Still Sitting Down to the Keyboard!

Next Week!

  1. Next week I’ll be celebrating my ten year anniversary since I started writing the Loyalist trilogy. On Wednesday, March 29th, I’ll have special prices on my books and a couple of surprises for those who log in and leave a comment or two. Please take a few minutes to celebrate with us! For a notice whenever I post here, click on the right to follow this blog (if you haven’t already done so). I’d love to have your input. And don’t forget to comment next week!

  2. A special welcome today to the wonderful new subscribers who’ve joined us this week for the first time. You are especially appreciated because you love historical fiction. A special invite to you all to come back next week for the celebration!

  3. You’ll notice if you’ve been around since the first book in the Loyalist trilogy came out, The Loyalist’s Wife, that our lovely logo above has the second edition and not the first. Not to worry. You can still order the lovely first cover edition on Amazon and from me personally until I run out of copies. Also Diane at our local bookstore has copies.

  4. Readers or writers, you can always contact me by leaving a comment or by using the Contact tab above. Send me questions, topics for blog posts, great books you’ve read, or anything else related to historical fiction and books.

  5. And help me celebrate next week, please!

The Loyalist’s Wife, The Loyalist’s Luck, The Loyalist Legacy

by Elaine Cougler

Available at Amazon.com and many other places.





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