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‘Tis the Season!

We started our holiday early this year with a trip to our daughter’s home on Vancouver Island. It’s always a joy to go there for so many reasons, not the least of which is spending time with our precious granddaughter. Here she is on one of the lit paths at Butchart Gardens, all decked out for Christmas. Its theme is the Twelve Days of Christmas but the whole wonderful garden is a treasure of spot-lighted paths and trees decked like the one below which, from a distance, looks like some kind of marine life.

In front of this water-spouting dragon I caught Ron, Beth and Chelsea for posterity. the water was still flowing in the pond and no snow had fallen so the paths were all dry. We did bundle up pretty well, though. Beth and Chelsea skated on the outdoor pond while Ron and I checked out the treasure-laden gift shop. I even bought myself a Christmas pin. Haven’t done that in years.

For much more professional photos check out this link and watch a veritable slide show of artistic renderings. So great in person but also wonderful to see the pictures.

For the rest of the Christmas season we’ll be here in Ontario and we have snow! Love when the fields are white with the frosty stuff and the roads have been cleared so we can all enjoy it. We’ll be cooking a turkey on Boxing Day here at home and partying with the family.

From our house to yours go great big wishes for peaceful times filled with joy and wonder.

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